Floating Seahorse Villas Dubai

Dubai unveils heart-shaped island with floating villas and underwater rooms

Floating Seahorse Villas Dubai

It seems that countless individuals wish to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life to be one with nature. Some people want to build a house somewhere deep in the woods while others have expressed their desire of staying in an underwater hotel. Fortunately, there are unconventional developers out there who want to help people realize these fantasies.

United Arab Emirates, and especially Dubai, produces grandiose projects known for their innovative approach and truly advanced concepts. This year, one of the most ambitious developing enterprises is going to be Floating Seahorse — luxury floating villas, partially hidden under water.

In 2015, the Kleindienst Group was given permission to build the Floating Seahorse. It will be home to a 109-room hotel for tourists and 90 floating villas with submerged bedrooms and bathrooms. It just does not ends here, a Germany’s institute has developed technology that will allow for rain and snow to fall as well on some streets.

Each villa will have its plot in the Persian Gulf as part of the World Island Projects. The price of each unit is yet to be determined.

Key highlights of the projects are;

  • The Floating Seahorse villas are, technically, three-story luxury boats without propulsion.
  • Still, each unit is movable. This makes the place all the more perfect for people who want to keep their privacy.
  • Two of the three floors will be above water.
  • The upper deck will have a shower, a small cooking area, a mini bar, and a Jacuzzi with a glass floor.
  • At the central floor you’ll have a spacious living space surrounded by a fully furnished kitchen and a dining area.
  • At the lower level—underwater—you’ll find the master’s bedroom and a bathroom. Here, you will be able to enjoy the spectacular view of the rich, marine life around you.
  • Each unit has a floor area of approximately 1,700 square feet. All levels will be made of glass from floor to ceiling. It will actually be like living in a fancy aquarium.

Watch the Video and be Amazed.